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Johnston Consulting can give you expert guidance on the following:
  • Filing of Annual Corporation Tax Returns (CT1s) including computation of Company Chargeable Gains and advice on when payments are due
  • Reorganisation and Reconstructions involved when ownership of a business changes including share for share transactions.
  • VAT obligations for companies


Self Assessment

Self assessment does not apply to most people who pay their tax through the PAYE system. However, if you are self-employed, own an investment property, are a proprietary company director or a trustee you will have an obligation to file an annual self-assessment tax return (Form 11). Significant interest and penalties can result if a person fails to meet his or her self-assessment obligations. Johnston Consulting can guide you through the self assessment process from completing your return, to calculating your tax liability and advising you on the timing of payments.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax applies when a person disposes of an asset such as a property or company shares. Johnston Consulting can assist you with the calculation of your tax liability and timing of payments to the Revenue Commissioners. In addition, we will ensure that you will avail of any exemptions and reliefs available applicable to your personal circumstances.

Capital Acquisitions Tax

Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) applies to gifts or inheritances of property and assets. Johnston Consulting can help you determine the amount of tax due, the reliefs and thresholds available and when the tax must be paid.


Family Business Tax Planning

Business owners who are reaching retirement and have put in a lot of effort over the years building value in their businesses want to preserve that value when passing the business over to the next generation. Johnston Consulting can help you minimise the tax cost associated with the succession and will ensure that you avail of all possible reliefs, such as CGT Retirement Relief and CAT Business Asset Relief.

Transfer of Company Shares between Business Partners

It often happens that Business Partners who started a company together want at some stage to go their separate ways either to pursue other interests or simply retire. Johnston Consulting can help people disposing of shares in such circumstances to do so in the most tax efficient manner. For example, as long as certain conditions are met, lower Capital Gains Tax of 20% can apply to any gains made by the departing shareholder if the company buys back the shares. This may be a useful option when the remaining shareholder is not in a position to fund the buy-out personally.

Indirect Taxes: VAT and Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT)


Johnston Consulting can assist businesses to comply with all aspects their VAT obligations. Services include advice on:

  • Completing Bi-monthly or 4 monthly VAT Returns (VAT 3s)
  • International Supplies (both EU and Non EU)
  • VAT rates applicable to supply of certain goods and services (e.g. catering and food)
  • Property issues (pre and post Finance Act 2008)

Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT)

Johnston Consulting can assist both Principals and Subcontractors comply with their RCT obligations in an efficient and effective manner. Services include advice on:

  • Principals
    • Obtaining Relevant Payments Cards for subcontractors (RCT47s)
    • Operating the 35% deduction and completion of monthly and Annual Returns
    • New rules in terms of VAT on services provided by Sub-contractors post 1st September 2008

  • Sub-contractors

    • Applying for Certificate of Authorisation (C2)
    • Submitting RCT Deduction Certificates (RCTDCs) to the Revenue Commissioners to obtain refund of tax deducted or get RCT offset against other tax liabilities
    • New rules in terms of VAT on services provided by Sub-contractors from 1st September 2008

Revenue Audit Guidance

Most businesses are subject to a Revenue Audit at some stage. Johnston Consulting can advise you on your disclosure options under Revenue’s ‘Code of Practice for Revenue Auditors’. In addition, we can assist you with your communications with the Revenue Representative dealing with your case.


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