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Outsourced Financial Control Function

Timely financial information, combined with its accurate interpretation, is central to the success of a business and its strategic development. In large/medium sized organisations the Financial Controller is responsible for preparing this information and presenting it to his Board. Small Business Owners (SBOs) also require these services but are seldom in a position to have “in house” accountancy expertise.

Johnston Consulting provides:

a flexible solution for SBO clients who want to have their finger on the pulse. Through the preparation of periodic financial statements and analysis reports, Johnston Consulting enhances the client’s decision-making process. In addition, the timely nature of the analysis enables the client to take steps to solve and mitigate unforeseen problems when they arise which creates a much more efficient operating environment for the business. The need to react quickly and effectively cannot be underestimated in light of our ever-changing economic climate.

The ‘Financial Controller’ solution offered by Johnston Consulting involves us working closely with our clients on an agreed timetable that suits both the task at hand and the client’s budgetary constraints. We envisage ourselves becoming part of the team, sharing our expertise to enhance the profitability of the business and drive its strategic direction.


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