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Business plans and Projected Cash-flow models

When setting up a new business, compiling a detailed business plan is the first step in transforming ideas into concrete realities. Johnston Consulting can assist new entrepreneurs in drafting this document. After completing the plan, it will become apparent if the venture is worth pursuing. In addition, the business plan will become a vital operating tool in helping to manage the business in the early stages of its development, setting out targets against which actual results can be compared. A business plan is also a key marketing tool in persuading third parties such as banks and state agencies to invest in the business idea.

Johnston Consulting can assist the new entrepreneur in structuring the business plan by setting out the type of market he or she will be selling to, the opportunities that exist in that market and the strategies and actions that are required to tap into those opportunities and develop a successful business.

A key component of the business plan will be a cash-flow projection and Johnston Consulting can assist with this. When approaching investors, such as banks, it is crucial to know exactly how much initial funding is required to get the business up and running. The investor will then want to see a detailed list of what the funds will be expended on and then how that expenditure will lead to cash inflows when the business begins trading and when those inflows will occur. Investors need to be confident that they will receive a return on their investment before they will invest. A well produced cash-flow projection is a key tool in building this confidence.

Legal Form of New Business

Johnston Consulting can also advise on the best legal form a new business should take – sole trader/partnership or private limited company. A full list of the advantages and disadvantages of both will be explained to clients enabling them to make an informed decision as to which is best for their new business during its early years and beyond.

Johnston Consulting can then assist with the formal procedures required in setting up a new company or registering a business name.

Tax Registration

New businesses need to be registered for relevant taxes before they start trading. Johnston Consulting will assist clients with completion of all necessary paper work and submissions to the Revenue Commissioners.

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