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About Johnston Consulting

Johnston Consulting is a firm regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland
and was set up by its Principal, Mark Johnston, in December 2005. The firm provides a full range
of professional services in audit, accounting, taxation and business consultancy.

Mark is a graduate from The Queen’s University of Belfast, Chartered Accountant and
a Member of the Irish Taxation Institute.
He has 10 years’ experience in practice and has built up an extensive knowledge base
through contact with a wide range of sectors.

“My core values are quality service and customer satisfaction”, says Mark and he
feels Johnston Consulting is able to offer its clients’ “a higher level of personal service
which is vital for businesses ready to take the next step.”

Furthermore, Mark understands that owners of small businesses can often feel lost and unimportant in larger accountancy practices. At Johnston Consulting, the focus is on small business and hands-on support is given to assist these entities to grow and develop.

Johnston Consulting : Accountants : Tax Advisors : Business Consulting : Book keepers
6 Flaxon Hall, Kentstown Road, Navan, County Meath, Republic of Ireland